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or a yard or, you know, a meter across, that can carry a lot of energy. as much as a big explosion. in fact, it could be mistaken, in some cases, for a nuclear explosion. so that's one of the reasons we need to watch these things. >> but, i'm glad you mentioned that, congressman, because i think there was an explosion in 2002 over the mediterranean when india and pakistan were really in heated -- at a heated time in their sort of prenuclear battles. so that is a critical issue. if those can mistaken for nuclear attacks, we do have north korea in a precarious situation. so logistically speaking, how are governments handles this? it's to cover this, but then you have people injured and governments who need to be not only aware of the political implications but just the natural disaster implication 80. >> sure. that's why it makes sense to watch these things. and nasa has a near-earth program. it is, i would argue, it is underfunded because of what's at stake here both in the sense of preparedness and dealing with injury and upset. but as to deal with international incidents that might occur.
faster than the swimmer. that energy has to go somewhere and then energy went into light as you saw in the street. >> that is what caused the shock wave and the damage? >> yeah, the shock wave is what happened. and the injuries happened because people went to the window and saw this bright light, because light traveling faster than sound and then the soupd arrived and shattered the windows when everybody was looking out the window. >> is there a way to detect the next encounter? >> even the best radar would be having a tough time to detect something 50 feet or less across. unlike the a astroid that passed the earth yesterday, we had plenty of warning. this fragment that i have with me today is from the impact that happened in 1947. and -- >> that heavy. >> you can say, it's heavy, it's made of iron and nickel and that is different than from what happened yesterday. it was a stoney meteorite as best we can tell. this one did not break up, it came down and made craters in 1947. so 1903 was similar, it was an air burst that wiped out the trees in siberia. >> i'm surprised how heavy it
and development for renewable energy that they spend on fossil fuels, we'd be there now, you no? he it's not because it can't be done, it's because of political and financial new be that have a vesd interest in keeping the system that we have now and it's not working. >> we are facing world disasters and we will see more and more in this. and it may be an immediate necessity to change all of this as soon as we possibly can. >> reporter: some say it will help the u.s. establish better energy independence not be so dependent on foreign nations for oil. we would be working with an al li -- ally like canada. the stricter emissions standards have been felt in place like west virginia and cost jobs in some of the coal plants. they worry that further tightening some of those emissions standards will basically put a lot of coal plants out of business. deb? >> saving the environment and trying to rejolt the economy. all right. chris lawrence, thanks for us there in washington, d.c. appreciate it. >>> a mother flying to atlanta tries to soothe her crying child. that's when police say a fellow pa
the freezing temperatures hoping it will all lead to changes in the u.s. energy policy. >> reporter: don, it has been one of the coldest days of the year here in washington, but it did not stop tens of thousands of people from jamming the national mall, and then marching from here right past the white house. even though president obama is away in florida, the message that they wanted to send the him is clear. they want two things. they want the environmental protection agency to establish stricter emission standards on the existing power plants and not just future plants that will be built down the line. they also want president obama to kill the extension of the keystone pipeline. that is the oil pipeline that is coming from canada and would cut through the united states and bring all of the way to the gulf coast. a lot of folks here are younger voters or younger people who say, even though the u.s. right now may be as focussed on the debt ceiling and other issues, it is time to look further down the line. >> i am only 16, and some day i hope to have my own kids, and i think that this i
as well. >> tom, you're saying that the nightfall is cutting off the energy to this -- >> it does. on some systems it does that. each one of these, brianna, they have a mind of their own. some of these super cells almost helter-skelter fashion. some of these thunderstorms are breaking away from this line here. i like to call them outlaw thunderstorms, renegade, breaking away from the pack, but at least as far as we're concerned the significance of a few cells instead of numerous cells, just a few right now are our concern. and anytime you can whittle away the number of super cell thunderstorms that are able to produce a tornado, the lesser the threat. >> of course, we're also having the problem with nightfall even if it's cutting off some energy, obviously, to the tornadoes, they don't have any light. and we heard from one of the witnesses who was there who is a grad student at the university of southern mississippi. she was saying that even the areas of hattiesburg that were not directly impacted from this don't have power, that it was cut off during the storm. what are the challenges the
can bring a level of energy and a dynamism to the job that he simply at this stage in his life, he personally is simply not prepared to give. and, therefore, i think you could read this as hits decision to clear the way for someone else who can in effect give the church a new lease on life at what is undeniably a fairly difficult cross roots for it. >> american catholics at least half hope the next pope is more progressiv progressive on things like birth control and gay rights. joining us on the phone -- how do you feel about the pope's resignation? >> i agree with john, it's a stunning day in the history of the church. it appears to be an ability of humility. this comes right before catholics begin to celebrate lent. the season of atonement where we ask for forgiveness. and i think it makes a lot of us ask the question of what's possible, you know. like you mentioned, the leadership of the catholic church is facing a very great crisis. you mentioned the sex abuse. but also the overconcern for contraception and gay people and abortion rather than addressing the real moral issues li
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, however. >>> the monster beverage company plans to start listing how much caffeine is in its energy drinks. the change is part of a voluntary move toward compliance with stricter federal guidelines. critics including officials in washington questioned the safety of energy drinks. red bull already uses stricter labeling. >>> 3,100 passengers from the carnival "triumph" are on a new trip this morning, and that would be oh, a blessed trip home! passengers so happy to be on land, one of them actually kissed the ground. others are just happy for the basics, you know, like a shower and hot food. brooke baldwin has more on their nightmare vacation. >> reporter: the scene in mobile, alabama, passengers cheer and wave as the carnival cruise ship "triumph" makes its way into port. others show signs like "sweet home alabama" relieved their vacation is finally over. >> good to be back on solid ground and you think about a good three-day cruise that we had and then it was a bad four-day camping trip. >> reporter: the ship limped into port late thursday night, some four days after an engine room fire kn
a very high diving board into water. but you're traveling a lot faster. that energy has to go somewhere. it went into light that you saw on the street when it was heating up the column of air. >> that's what caused the shock wave and damage? >> yeah, the shock wave is what happened. and the injuries where it happened, because people naturally went to their window, and saw this bright light, because light travels faster than sound. and then the sound arrived, and shattered the windows when everybody was looking out their window. >> is there a way to warn or predict about the next meteor or next close encounter? >> best radar, even the best military radar, we have a very difficult time detecting something 50 feet or less across. this is a kind of an unpredictable event. unlike the asteroid that passed the earth yesterday, we had plenty of warning and knew where it was coming and where it was going. >> yeah. yesterday i was talking to some colleagues and they were like, where should we go, down in the basement? and i said i think we're going to be fine. it appears that russia seems to be t
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and china doesn't want it to collapse. though china provides it with energy and food, it's not going to do anything. so obama doesn't have much actionable he could talk about. with regard to iran, they feel as though they've got the pressure on iran. they are watching to see what happens. and i don't think there's going to be much percentage in talking a great deal about situations that are unfolding. this is going to be a speech about the domestic economy and about jobs, foreign policy i think will play a marginal role. >> talk about the economy. on the president's watch we know that the country now added 1.2 million jobs since he took office but it's not creating enough jobs fast enough to sustain the strong recovery. you see the housing market coming back, the stock market is rallying. how much can this president really do in the next four years to get the economy going again? how much is it actually bent on what happens overseas? >> he could do a lot. we are actually -- in good shape compared with europe, compared with japan. what this president should do is try to enlist congress in r
. the company says it doesn't consider this an energy drink, even though, yes, it is packed with caffeine. why the new product? mountain dew says customers wanted an alternative to coffee and tea in the morning. >>> and tomorrow is ash wednesday, which means today is fat tuesday. okay, i tweeted this out. this is a colossal waste of time and can't stop watching it. you can watch this on one of the live cams. mardi gras in full swing. we have been hearing trumpets from this live web cam. this is bourbon street. it is new orleans' biggest tourist draw with more than 50 parades. mardi gras is the feast and celebration before lent, a time of fasting for catholics. >>> huge blow, have you heard about this, to one of the world's oldest sports. international olympic committee says it is recommending wrestling be cut from the 2020 summer games. wrestling has been in the olympics ever since 1896. the wrestling federation says it plans to fight this one and officials have to make their case against seven other sports and only one will survive. ♪ >> that is kesha. she's headlining the all-star game, th
goal for america. let's cut in half the energy wasted by our homes and businesses over the next 20 years. >> amy holmes is with me, an anchor for glenn beck's network the blaze. in the middle, patricia murphy, contributor for the daily beast.com and rick newman, chief business xcorrespondent for u.s news and world report. we heard the president tick off this list, if you will, abroad, a lot of adjectives thrown out today, ambitious state of the union speech. patricia murphy, is the re-elected barack obama perhaps overreaching? >> well, you know, i think it obviously depends where you're coming from. if you look at what he was talking about, these are a series of smaller initiatives, universal pre-k, the -- talking about the minimum wage. these are things that are actually relatively targeted, relatively narrow. i think some of his more liberal counterparts would like to see him go bigger and bolder. i don't think it was an overreach. i do think it doesn't quite add up. there is no money left in the federal budget for the new initiatives. that's where his new problem was with his sp
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of bright light, that is the meteor burning up. and the energy from the detonation equalled about 300 kill kilitons of tnt. more than 1,000 hurt. most of the injuries from the flying glass. >>> and carnival passengers thank god going home today. many ecstatic to be back on dry land. they were drifting for days following a fire that knocked out the power to the ship. passengers who wanted to return to galveston, texas, they were taken overnight by a fleet of charter buses. triumph set sail eight days ago. the ship was supposed to return last monday. glad they're home. >>> today president obama visiting chicago, that's where the obamas still have a house there. he will focus on the violence here. the gun violence. all of the problems that have continued. it was just last weekend that first lady michelle obama attended the funeral for hadiya pendleton. she's the chicago teen who was shot and killed just a week after performing for the inauguration. >>> the nomination of chuck hagel to be defense secretary hitting another road block. senate republicans have stalled his nomination for another t
public commitments and so on. he believes that the energy required to lead the catholic church forward at this moment is beyond his capacities. and i think he's decided therefore, not to wait for a moment of crisis, but while he's still capable of doing so, to make the decision to step aside and let somebody else take the baton. >> reverend martin, people are using words like shocking, unprecedented, why is this such a surprise? why didn't anybody expect this except for his inner circle? >> well, it hasn't happened for centuries, and you know, as john allen was saying, there had been speculation, there was speculation about john paul ii and people knew benedict was frail and in a sense diminishing physically, but i think the fact it hadn't happened so long means it was a shock for people. i think what is interesting is that i think this is a noble and selfless act that the pope is doing. but you notice that the two popes came to two very different decisions about what to do, when they were ailing. john paul decided to stay on and stick it out. benedict decides to take a practical route
in manufacturing and energy and better roads and bridges and schools. we've got to make sure hard work's rewarded with a wage that you can live on and raise a family on. we need to make sure that we've got shared responsibility for giving every american the chance to earn the skills and education that they need for a really competitive global job market. as i said on tuesday night, that education has to start at the earliest possible age, and that's what you have realized here in decatur. study after study shows that the earlier a child begins learning the better he or she does down the road. but here's the thing, we are not doing enough to give all of our kids that chance. the kids we saw today, that i had a chance to spend time with in mary's classroom, they're some of the lucky ones because fewer than 3 in 10 4-year-olds are enrolled in a high-quality preschool program. most middle-class parents can't afford a few hundred bucks a week for private preschool, and for the poor children who need it the most, the lack of access to a great preschool education can have an impact on their entire lives
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 52 (some duplicates have been removed)